Welp, we're in the middle of August, how far have I progressed in my projects?

Let's start with the good things: I've made a ton of progress in html and css building this site! It looks great, or at least isn't as much of an eyesore as it used to be a month and a half ago, which is good news!

I'll try implementing a bit of javascript if I ever get myself motivated for it. I've got the documentation for, I just need to not laze it out.

(Btw, click on the headtitle for a little surprise :^b)

And now for the bad things: I haven't progressed a bit in my story writing! Mainly because I've realised how hard it is to stylise a story in a foreign languge, but also because i got lazy and simply didn't do it.

The current objectives are now to learn javascript (or at least to get a better understanding of it) as well as to put entries on the review tab (it's now operational and not ugly!), I'll try to put one entry for each category (so one book, one movie and one video game (that last one may be hard because of how less time I've got to explore new games, this days, but I'll still give it a shot))

And now, as farewell, I will share a quote from a great comtemporary critique and public personality: that's about it, see ya.